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Business Valuation // Consulting  // Forensic Accounting // Fraud Investigation

As Certified Valuation Analyst, I use a set of procedures to determine the economic value of an owner's interest in a company. Whether in a report and/on the stand, I communicate and justify my methodology of computed economic damages done in a business valuation. In a consulting or litigation setting this process may include:
  • Constructing models for lost wages
  • Comparable company analysis
  • Rebuttal of opposing experts' opinions and reports
  • Interrogatory assistance and deposition preparation
  • Calculate the value of assets gained when purchasing a company
  • Determining for much your business interest is worth when selling your company
  • Using financial ratios to spot a company's strengths and weaknesses
I utilize accounting and investigative skills when analyzing a company's financial statements for possible material misstatements and/or fraud with anticipated or ongoing litigation. This process includes utilizing investigative tools to promote fraud prevention, fraud detection as well as reviewing complex financial and business records, and asset tracing. Evidence is gathered in family law cases to assess child or spousal support. 
As a Certified Fraud Examiner,  I deal with fraud prevention, detection and deterrence of financial fraud. I identify items that are indicative of fraud and fraud risk. In a consulting role I can provide crucial advice without testifying, and as an expert witness I may testify in a proceeding.
This process may include:
  • Asset tracing
  • Embezzlement / Money laundering
  • Fraudulent financial reporting
  • Payroll padding
  • Skimming
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